Are you looking to add some funky flair to your home? Well it turns out gumball machines make for the coolest fish tanks. Dust off that old candy dispenser and create this retro funky gumball fish tank.

To make your gumball fish tank:

  • Dissemble the gumball machine and take out the glass dish.
  • The only real thing standing in the way of you and your funky gumball fishtank is the gumball dispensing mechanism underneath the glass dish. If you filled your machine with water now it would just pour through the machine and out the dispenser in the bottom. So you have to seal the mechanism off from the glass dish.
  • There are two ways to do this. You can either cover and seal the gumball mechanism with a round plastic disc, or cut a piece of glass to fit in there. Either way you will need aquarium sealant silicone to finish the job and make a water tight seal.
  • Once you’ve sealed off the bottom of the dish decorate your aquarium with rocks and plants and then welcome your fish to it’s new home!
  • Be sure to clean your gumball fishtank once a week and move your fish to a larger home once he outgrows his fabulous gumball fishtank.

via  upcyclethat