Vintage earth globes make for some of the most creative upcycles. Among the most effective of these is the the globe pendant light. Globe pendant lights are quick and easy to make. Essentially you just need a globe and a pendant light.


  • upcycled globe
  • pendant light kit (pendant light with cord)
  • paint and brush
  • exacto knife
  • light bulb
To make:
  • Choose where you want to cut. The easiest would be along a latitude line such as the equator. Cut along this line with your exacto knife.
  • Measure and cut the hole for where the pendant light will be inserted. This can be done by holding the pendant light socket to the top of the globe and tracing around it to mark the spot. Now cut around the spot you have marked. Some globes have a metal rings here so be careful removing this.
  • Paint or decoupage the inside of your globe for an interesting effect.
  • Install your light cord and hang your new globe pendant lamp.