Easter and springtime and the bees are buzzing! Decorate eggs to bee happy.


  • Eggs that have been emptied (mine are brown eggs.. white eggs work)
  • Black acrylic paint and brushes
  • Fabric for wings
  • Scissors and glue
  • Wire or long needle and thread or light weight fishing line

Step 1: Picture of Paint eggs

Keep it simple. I used two brushes, one wider to paint bands around the egg and a detail brush for the eyes.

Having a egg carton handy helps to set the painted eggs for drying.

Step 2: Add wings

Cut wing shapes out of fabric – make them tear drop shaped – about as long as the egg. Again simple is good. I had some shiny yellow scraps. I imagine tissue paper would work also.

Put a few drops of glue on each and stick them onto the sides of each egg..

You may need to hold it in place for a bit, a toothpick will help keep your fingers from sticking to the eggs

Step 3: Add thread for hanging and bee happy!

I made a “needle” by folding then twisting a thin wire, leaving a small loop at one end to thread the fishing line (or thread). Be sure your needle is longer than your largest egg. You need to be able to push the needle and thread all the way through. Carefully pull the thread through the egg. Tying on top of the egg bee.

Hang them up and enjoy.. give some away…

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