We kind of needed a wall clock for our office, and we wanted it to be DIY, easy, and cheap. The result was this super customizable DIY LEGO clock.

What you’ll need:
-Clock kit
-LEGO Baseplate
-LEGO pieces – whatever you want
-Spray paint
-Drill (or a safety knife)


First, drill (or cut) a hole in the middle of the LEGO base plate. Use the bolt in the clock kit for the size you’ll need for the hole.

Then spray paint the base plate any color you’d like. Let it dry.

Depending on the color you paint the face, you may have to paint the hands to the clock. We went with black. We might change that to grey later on, since we have a whole grey/gold thing going on in other parts of our house.

Put the clock kit together using the instructions that come with it. It’s simple.

At first we left the clock face plain. Then realized – umm, these are LEGO’s, we can change it whenever we want. So now it has been home to minifigures (which we love – remember our baroque style minifigure display frame?), random LEGO blocks, LEGO Roman numerals, and then back to plain again. We might change it monthly by theme – Star Wars, Simpsons, LOTR, etc. Plus now we have a few of the Dungeons & Dragons KRE-O figures, so can do those for game night.

What do you think of the DIY LEGO clock? It took about twenty minutes to make (not including drying time) and cost under ten bucks.

via ournerdhome