I have been hauling my laptop around wrapped in a handtowel for the past few months. I’ve been planning on making a case for it ever since I got it but I never got around to doing it. Until now! I had an incredible sweater that I had thrifted because I loved the pattern but it fit terribly. Now it is finally being used!

This DIY laptop case is simple to make. You will need a sewing machine, so if you don’t own one, make a plan to borrow one from a friend.

The first step is deciding which sweater to repurpose. You might find that you actually have a couple of spares lying about. In that case feel free to make a few DIY sweater laptop cases. If you borrowed a sewing machine perhaps make one for your friend.

The next step is measuring your laptop. You will want your cut sweater fabric to be 1/4″ – 1/2″ larger than your laptop. Once you’re got the measurements cut out 2 pieces of fabric. One for the front and one for the back of your DIY laptop case.  If your material is stretchy than work with the smaller, 1/4″ dimension.

Flip the fabric so that the 2 pieces that will become the outside face each other. Now sew the seams on the bottom and sides of your DIY laptop case. As measured, work with 1/4″ – 1/2″ seams. For the top of your case, fold down 1/2″  the fabric on each side of the opening and sew in place to avoid the sweater material fraying. Do not sew the 2 sides together!

Flip your DIY laptop case right side out and get ready to create the flap closure.

The flap closure is where things get creative. This one shown was created with leather from a purse that was being ripped apart and reused on another project. You could use a scrap of leather or create a flap from scraps of excess sweater material or any other fabric or materials you have lying around. Once you’ve decided how you’d like to proceed cut out your flap and sew it on to the outside of your DIY laptop case. We recommend adding a button or clasp closure.

You’re done! Put your new DIY laptop case on your laptop and admire.

via themerrythought , upcyclethat