Easter is coming and here is a creative Easter egg decoration. Plant wheat grass in eggshells. It’s super easy and fun to do and your kids would love them. You may even choose your favorite herbs to plant. Empty eggshells are a perfect environment for plants because they consist of calcium carbonate and a little protein. Make with your kids your charming Easter eggshell garden.

Tools & Materials:

A)Planting Wheat Grass
    1. Wheat Grass Seeds
    2. Organic Soil
    3. Egg Crate
    4. Gardening Scissor or Kitchen Shears

B)Prepare Egg Shell Planter
    1. Egg Shells in halve
    2. Food Colors (various colors)
    3. Vinegar
    4. Freezer Paper or you can reuse the sticker paper backing
    5. Painter’s tape or Electrical Black Tape
    6. Scrap Booking Puncher of your favorite shape

Wheat grass should be able to last around 1 week with proper care, you can cut the grass and let it grow again. If you prefer to have something that last longer, small herbs plants like rosemary and thyme could be a better choice.

When watering the planters, wetting the soil is all you need and don’t wet the external egg shell, the dye will get discolored. Do not flood the soil with too much water.

Plant some wheat grasses in the egg crate 5 – 7 days before making Easter egg planter. Let them grow by the windowsill with a few hours of sunlight exposure.

While waiting for the wheat grass to grow into full size, prepare the egg shell.Make a stencil sticker by sticking a length of painter’s tape or electrical black tape on the shinny side of freezer paper.Use your favorite puncher to punch the shape you like.

Peel off the freezer paper backing from the sticker and attach it to the halve egg shell. Use finger to run through the edges to make sure they stick well on the egg shell.If you find the freezer paper is difficult to peel off, heat it with warm hair dryer. Prepare dye by adding around 10-20 drops of food color to 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar, add 1/4 cup of warm water and stir. You can try different proportion to get shades of tone.Dip the egg shell into the dye solution, you may leave it a little longer to achieve darker color. Take it out and place on a pin board or anywhere that it can stand uninterruptedly for drying about 15 – 30 minutes.

When the egg shell is dry, peel off the sticker gently.Continue the project when the wheat grass is ready.

Cut the egg crate to separate out the wheat grasses. Trim access egg crate so that it can get into the egg shell.

Put the wheat grass into the egg shell.You may need to squeeze the egg crate a little so that it fit into the egg shell.Water and care as usual and it will last at least 7 days. Trim the wheat grass and let it grow again when it turns old.

 Happy Easter Day and have fun!!!!

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