Before I tell you how I made my dog food storage bin, I have to take you back several years.  It was Christmas time and my firm was receiving lots of client gifts, which included a lot of food deliveries.  One client sent some yummy popcorn, that came in a large, round, gold tin.  When it was empty, someone was about to throw out the tin, but I saved it in the nick of time.  In that moment, I had no idea what I would do with it.  After getting home, however, I realized it would be a nice way to store Titan’s food.So, I created a pretty dog food storage bin for him.The best part is that I did it for $0!

Materials Need to Create a DIY Dog Food Storage Bin:

  • An old popcorn tin, or other metal container
  • Two colors of spray paint
  • Top sealer coat
  • Craft stickers 

    Steps to Create a DIY Dog Food Storage Bin:

    1) Clean and dry your tin well.

    2) Spray paint the portion of your tin that you plan to place your lettering in a dark color.  I used oil rubbed bronze spray paint, since I already had that on had.  Allow it to dry.

    3) Place your craft stickers to spell out whatever words you want on your tin.  I originally wanted to spell out “Titan,” but I didn’t have the letters that I needed and didn’t have time to go to the store, so I had to use whatever stickers I already had one hand.

    4) Now spray paint the entire tin with your second color.  I used orange.  Be sure to paint right over the craft letters.  Again, I had the orange spray paint already.

    5) Once your paint has dried, peel the letters off.

    6) Coat your entire tin with a protective, clear top coat.

    That’s it!  Isn’t that simple, and I seriously love how it turned out.  I am actually glad that I didn’t have the letters to spell out Titan because I think the “dog food” in two different sizes and fonts is more interesting and fun!

    What do you think?  When is the last time you had one of those old popcorn tins?  Are you going to save the next one you get your hands on so that you can make one of these for your beloved pet?

    via designertrapped