Do you like comic books? Now you can apply your favorite character on your shoes. Such a creative idea , easy to make and fun to wear. If you have an old pair of shoes and want to give them a new stylish look, try this fun DIY project! Just wait for the wows when they see your refashioned shoes!


Mod Podge
Shoes (smooth so you can glue things to them)
Comic book (one that you are okay with cutting up)
Newspaper or cardboard (to do your craft on)


1.  Cut out your favorites scenes from your comic book.  Position them where you would like them to go on your shoes, and then cover the back of the picture with Mod Podge.
2.  Paste the comic book clipping onto the shoe, and press it down so it is smooth.
3.  Trim off any excess clipping, or fold it over the edge of the shoe.
4.  Put a layer of Mod Podge over the comic book clipping.

5.  Continue this process until the shoes are completely covered with comic strips.

6.  Once the Mod Podge has dried, apply three more layers (letting each layer dry before starting the next).

Note: This is a time consuming project.  Give yourself at least an hour and a half for each shoe.

Tip: While these shoes are so much fun to make and wear, I have noticed that they tend to crack, especially if you use a bendy/flexible shoe. I recommend that you use a lot of mod podge on the outside, and if possible use heels or other stiff shoes.

via psheart