It seems that almost everything that is found around the house can be turned into creative planters.  No matter how large or small, a plant seems to be able to find its way into anything with an opening large enough to put in some soil.In case you haven’t noticed, spring is either here or almost here in most parts of the country.  And when spring comes, the garden centers are full of the prettiest plant choices.  And what is a pretty plant without a pretty planter to put it in?

This is all time favorite. I love the way the holes on the side hold some small plants too!

How adorable is this.  Terra cotta plant pots are assembled in the shape of a dog eating and a man sitting on a wonderful stone chair. I need this in my garden!

What a great way to keep your favorite herbs right where you need them – in the kitchen!  This neat DIY project is made with mason jars and a half price farmers market holder.

Got a pair of flip flops and a mug that matches?  Use them on a garden shed wall to make the cutest planter ever!

I love the way the paint on the sides of the paint can planters matches the plants in side them.

Do you have an old chandelier that is not being used?  Plant the bulb areas with hanging ivy for a spectacular effect.

If you love the rustic effect, this tool box turned into a planter is the one for you. Attach it to a picket fence and plant away!

Children’s Outgrown wagons make  great movable planters. Just wheel them around to water or avoid the sunlight!

Are your manual typing days long gone?  If you have an old vintage typewrite you might want to try making it into a planter.  With lots of nooks and crannies to fill, this is a great place for plants of all shapes and sizes.

The reader in me balks a little at these book planters, but I have to admit they are creative and fun.

via  thegardeningcook