I’ve always been a fan of the simple wire clothes hanger. It combines minimalism with just enough material that gives its function. It does this whilst at the same time creating clean lines that are aesthetically pleasing. It’s so simple and perfectly designed there’s no need to mess with the form at all, but instead we can decorate the hangers to make them look even more beautiful than they already are.


Metal Wire Hangers (I am using coated wire hangers)
Copper/Gold Spray Paint


1. Clean the wire hanger and place on newspaper ready to spray.

2. Spray one layer of paint on one side of the hanger, leave to dry and then turn over and spray the other side.

3. Once this is dry spray a second coat on each side ensuring they are fully dried before turning them over. Make sure non of the wet paint touches the newspaper as it will dry to the paint and you will be left with paper residue stuck onto the hanger.

4. Check over the hangers to make sure you haven’t missed any sections and continue to spray until the whole hanger is covered.

If copper isn’t your thing why not try using different coloured paints? Pastels, brights or neon colours could create a real impact. You could create a rainbow look or colour code your wardrobe with an array of complimentary colour combinations. Your imagination is the limit!

via  homedit