You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you see what you can do with the humble styrofoam! Can play a leading role in the decoration of your home and not only. The uses and constructions with Styrofoam are numerous but here you take a look how to use it in home decorations and specifically how to create incredible paintings!

Styrofoam is a very easy material as cut and easily transformed, is very economical and very lightweight. It is in various sizes and different thicknesses.

Let’s take from the beginning. A great idea is to pick a piece of cloth and wrap it around the styrofoam. No need to glue across the adhesive surface just at the back where it will fold in finish. Of course you can use tape, doing a good job also. You can use two or three styrofoam pieces and wrap them with good quality fabric. You will have a wonderful work of art ready to hang in your living room by placing them next to each other!

Do the same with photos! The result is amazing. Cautions do not glue images because will fill bubbles and will be difficult removing them.

You can cut Styrofoam pieces in different shapes and make a nice composition.

Many Styrofoam pieces into one another, blend aesthetically awesome!!

Have you ever thought that you could spend one shower curtain in styrofoam to have this effect? Ideal for the bedroom!

Write on Styrofoam a message that expresses you and start putting pins!

Drawings for children’s rooms.

Table photo album!

Lovely idea with super heroes.

Create intricate designs.

The Styrofoam except that worked easily (cut, etc.) can be compressed to make various designs, paintings or stamps.

Blocks wrapped with colorful threads.

Outside styrofoam , inside mirror … good huh?

Make beautiful frames.

Letters, words and numbers!

Children frames.

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