I’m definitely not one of those people who is always dressed perfectly from head to toe. These days I’m usually wearing a ponytail, a tshirt, and jeans. But I especially love adding a fun and bright accessory or two to my simple everyday outfit, especially for light and simple beauty. Cute nails, a pretty scarf, sunglasses, or a statement necklace can take a simple outfit to the next level. Plus, my kids LOVE it when I have cool nail art.

What you need:

1. Detail Brush
2. Nail Polish Remover
3. Colorful Nail Polish
4. White Nail Polish
5. Base Coat and Top Coat

What you do:

1. Start off with a base coat. Then carefully paint your nails with two coats of white polish. Make sure you wait a while between coats to make sure each coat is completely dry.

2. Choose your first color. I wanted this blue color to be the focus, so I started with it. I dabbed a little polish into a painter’s pallet, but you could also use something like parchment paper. Use your thin detail or striping brush to paint stripes onto your white nails. Vary the way they look. If there is too much polish on the brush it will be thick and heavy. If there is a little less polish, you will get that great brushy look.

3. Clean your brush in nail polish remover between each color. (I filled one of the slots in the pallet with nail polish remover to make it easier.) Keep adding colors. For this look, I let some of the strokes overlap a little bit, but I mostly kept them separate from each other. I ended out using 6 different colors, but I think this look would also be beautiful with just 3 or 4. Picking your color combos is the best part!

4. Make sure the polish is fully dry and add a top coat for a finished look.

via linesacross