This baby food jar vase came along at just the right moment. We seem to use so many glass food jars and our cupboards are just heaving with them! Needless to say we’re always on the lookout for new glass bottle upcycle ideas. This baby food jar vase definitely ticks the box for creativity. We also love the overall rustic chic effect. Read on to find out how to make your own baby food jar vase.

To make your baby food jar vase first gather the necessary supplies. You will need:

  • Baby food jars (as many as you’d like to have in your completed vase)
  • A solid piece of repurposed wood
  • Clamps (1 per jar)
  • Drill, screws and screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • 2 hook and twine with which to hang the wood


1.  Brush the wood off with a wire brush to remove any dust and dirt.  With a hammer and a metal punch (or a screwdriver, if you don’t have a punch), punch a hole in the metal clamp to make it easier for the screw to go through (you will be drilling it in step 3).  Make sure you place a piece of wood underneath the metal, and punch the opening on the opposite side of where the clamp tightens. This will be the spot where the clamp is screwed into the wood.
2.  Measure and mark where you would like the baby food jars to be placed on the wood.  Place a clamp on your marking, with the part that you punched touching the wood.  Drill the screw into the opening.  Repeat with all of the jars.
3.  Place the jars inside each clamp, and tighten again so that the jars are nice and snug.
4.  To hang the decoration, you will need to mark where you want the two hooks to go on the top of the wood.  Drill a hole on each side that is deep enough for the hook to go through.  Twist each hook into the hole until it is tight.  String a piece of jute, twine, etc. through the hooks, knot each end, and hang with a nail wherever you would like.

Your baby food jar vase is now ready to hang. Mark on the top of your wooden board where you’d like your 2 hooks to go. Then drill holes deep enough for the hooks to screw into tightly. You want to ensure a snug fit. Finish the piece with twine or string and hang up your new baby food jar vase.

We love how versatile this piece is. Fill your baby food jars with water and freshly cut flowers or shake it up by filling some jars with tea lights.

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