The Easter basket is a quintessential piece of the holiday’s decor, and a necessary part of the all-important egg hunt. So don’t settle for an ordinary basket. These fun DIY Easter baskets will add pizzazz to your Easter celebration.

Fabric Rope Easter Basket

This basket made of fabric-wrapped rope can add a shabby-chic twist on traditional baskets. It’s also a great way to use fabric scraps leftover from other projects.

Crochet Easter Basket

A color-blocked, crochet basket makes a lovely cradle for dip-dyed eggs. Customize your basket with your favorite colors, and fill the basket with decorative grass for extra cushioning and structure.

Painted Garden Pail

Personalize garden pails with vibrantly colored paint for a basket that’s perfect for a grassy egg hunt. Because these aren’t conventional baskets, they will be useful and seasonally appropriate long after Easter ends.

Refashioned Suit Jacket Basket

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, turn an old suit jacket and festive shirt into a ruffled fabric basket. An old plastic container lid, similar to one you’d find on cottage cheese containers, serves as a firm base.

Upcycled Denim Easter Basket

Turn a pair of old jeans into a durable, unique basket to put your eggs on display. This project doesn’t require any sewing – just scissors, denim and a hot glue gun. Leftover threads and scraps make a quirky alternative to traditional decorative grass.

Woven Grocery Bag Easter Basket

Once you’ve finished grocery shopping for your gorgeous Easter brunch, reuse the paper grocery bags for this easy and eco-friendly woven basket. The simplicity of this project make it a good project to do with kids. A brightly colored ribbon provides the perfect accent against the brown paper.

Natural Foliage Easter Basket

If you already have a traditional wicker basket, decorating it with crafting moss, flowers, and other foliage-themed accessories is an easy way to put some Spring in your step. Despite requiring very little time and few materials, this will provide an elegant touch to your Easter brunch table.

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