I love giving sweaters a new life.I don’t know what it is about it.Maybe because sweaters easily lose their shape, shrink, or pill up.  And I hate to just give them away, if I have something I can make with them.So come on, join and turn that old sweater into something you can fall in love with all over again!

I have lots of sweater scraps that were used for other sweaters projects.DO you??  If so, using those old scraps to make Embellished T-shirts, is a lot of fun!

But look how turned an old boring cardigan into something fantastic!

I’m kind of a sucker for cute!But these felted sweater cupcakes just do me right in!

This is something I have yet to try but how fun are these boot socks made from sweater sleeves.Oh, the options are endless.

And yes,one of my favorite projects to do with sweaters,is to turn them into stretchy little hats.Boys don’t have to feel left out either!

This is a super clever idea to use old sweaters as gift wrap.Such a fun texture to add to your gifts!

Oh, and that sweet Disney cardigan transformation.

Yes, again more hats.I told you I loved making them from old sweaters!But these Snowman/Reindeer/Elf Christmas Hats were SO MUCH FUN to make last year!

This Blossom Ear Warmer is simply darling!

One of my first sweater projects, was this simple Sling Purse made form one of my old too-small sweaters.  So much cuter as a purse than hidden up in my closet!

I kind of adore this Vest to Dress transformation.Look how sweet that little model looks in her new dress.

And my gosh, I kinda forgot about these little Sweater leggings that I made last year.I need to make more because not only where they super cute.They kept legs nice and warm!

And how fun is this little Braided Scarf with poms!!Such a quick and cozy project.

And we don’t have a dog, but if we did he’d be dressed in sweet little doggy sweaters.Haha,how cute is that?!!!

And that sweet Dana, look how clever she was to make her little guy a vest out of a man’s sweater.I could smile for days at this!

This was probably my very first sweater project.I remember feeling so excited that I actually turned a lady’s sweater into a little girl dress! 

And this is such a simple project but sweater pillows have such a great texture.And are super soft!

Check out this lovely Ruffle Cardigan.The texture is seriously beautiful!

And lastly, a Peasant Style dress, made from an old misshapen sweater.Again, I love a good transformation!

Are these making you re-think your sweater collection??I know you have some that you’re tired of and would look much cuter as one of these ideas!Am I right??

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