Concrete, cement, and cinder blocks are large rectangular bricks commonly used in constructions. They are also inexpensive and reliable materials for many home and garden DIY projects. With some creativity and time, you can repurpose these smart blocks into practical furniture or decorative pieces at home or in your garden.

1. Concrete Block Garden Bench

This is a very affordable outdoor bench that costs only $30 to build. What a creative idea to make extra seating in the garden!

2. A sofa bed made with 42 white concrete blocks

This one is inspired by the first photo and made for indoor use. I like the extra storage space in the hollow blocks where you can place shoes. Also the colorful cushions match the wall paper so well. Looks really cozy!

3. Concrete Block Vertical Planters

This is a smart and inexpensive way to add wall planter feature to your backyard. I like the different varieties of succulents.

4. Concrete block outdoor stairs

What a creative idea to use concrete blocks for steps!

5. Cinder block bookshelf

Stack the concrete blocks and two wood planks and you’ll have a nice bookshelf.

6. Cinder block garden furniture set

Use cinder blocks to build garden furniture set for outdoor BBQ parties. I love the coffee table.

7. DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

This fun outdoor bench is also inspired by the first photo. You will need 12 blocks and 4 pieces of lumber to slip in the openings of the blocks. It is an easy DIY that you can finish in one hour.

8. A nice entertainment center

The entertainment center is made of cement blocks and black melamine shelves. You can take advantage of the holes of the cement blocks to store CDs, DVDs and books.

9. Affordable Outdoor Kitchen

Reuse or repurpose old materials such as concrete blocks and leftover wood to build this gorgeous outdoor kitchen.

10. DIY Cinder Block Bench

This is another DIY outdoor bench that’s inspired by No. 7.

11. Concrete block fire pit

You can build an easy fire pit from concrete blocks for about $60. Isn’t that cool?

12. Concrete block nightstand

This nightstand looks cute and fits a small apartment with limited space.

13. Modern Grassy Centerpieces in Cinder Blocks

This is an easy and affordable way to create nice centerpieces using cinder blocks as the planters.

14. Cinder block bed risers

You can use cinder blocks to raise the bed and take advantage of the extra storage space for things like shoes and other small items.

15. DIY Cinder Block Rocket Stove

Here’s a quick and easy way to make your own rocket stove with just four cinder blocks.

16. DIY Neon Concrete Block Planter

Add a colorful touch to your backyard with these modern neon concrete block planters.

17. DIY Outdoor Seating

This is another DIY cinder block outdoor bench. The cinder blocks are painted blue to add a colorful touch.

18. Cinder block centerpieces

This beautiful cinder block centerpiece is great for a rustic outdoor wedding.

19. Cinder block platform bed

20. Cinder Block Planters and Outdoor Bar

Add a solid wood top to the cinder block planters to make an outdoor bar.

21. Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

If you are thinking about adding a raised bed to your garden, using cinder blocks is a good choice because they are quick and easy to install, and less expensive.

via icreativeideas