Chances are, you’ve got just as much “stuff” without a proper place as I do. In an effort to help us organize our lives, these brilliant minds have come up with cool ways to display all our stuff–without it looking like a pack rat’s den. I’m following lead, what about you?

1. Vintage suitcases

If you’re lucky enough to have a few of these, make the most of them. Store off-season clothes in them and then stack into a shelf.

2. Decorative plates

These plates are beautiful and should be displayed as such. Hang them in any pattern that suits your fancy.

3. Make-up brushes

Don’t leave them lying around where they can fall on the floor, or worse, disappear altogether. Instead, create your own make-up brush display like this:

4. Favorite photos

You can turn your favorite photos into a funky wallpaper for your bedroom or living room.

5. Special shopping bags

Simply fold, frame and hang for instant decoration and protection. These look great in bathrooms, closets and hallways.

6. Dish towels or short scarves

Were you handed down some items you’d rather preserve than use? This plan turns fancy dishcloths and scarves into decorative curtains. This way, you can “use” the goods without risking much damage.

7. Odd art pieces

To create cohesion, simply hang these pieces in a room close together like this:

8. Rocks

Put that rock collection to better use by filling glass vases with them. Look how much better this looks than a pile of rocks:

9. Nail polish

If you have more than four polishes, it’s time to find them an organized, out-of-the-way spot.

10. Old toys

Create a keepsake with them by organizing, securing, framing and hanging. This makes a perfect moving-out present, too.

11. Sand

I know a lot of people who like to bring a little sand sample back from their travels.

12. Beer bottle caps

Because they just seem to keep accumulating, here you go:

13. Old momentos
Have a few toys you just couldn’t part with? No problem! Simply place them in a shadow box for an instant adult-upgrade to displaying old toys.

14. Necklaces

Display your necklaces with pride. Even if you have just a few pieces, you can go from a tangled mess to a beautiful display with just one organizer. Check this one out:

15. Earrings

Your earrings are too pretty to stow away in boxes. Instead, show them off like so:

16.Quilting fabric

It doesn’t have to be packed and stowed away in the closet after each use. Instead, it can be displayed like this:

17. Scarves

This organizer, made from up-cycling an old ladder, is great for displaying scarves and belts alike. Take a look for yourself:

18. Old cameras

If you think setting them on a shelf is good enough, get ready to be inspired:

19.  Crystals

If you like collecting crystals, but not wearing them, try making them into a wind chime, like this one:

via  diply