The humble IKEA spice rack may look simple and modest but behind that straight-forward design, if you look with an open mind, you’ll find a lot of ingenious secrets. We’re talking about all the creative ways in which you can repurpose this piece and all the hacks that revolve around it. Even if you choose to keep its functionality intact, you can still make an IKEA spice rack look more interesting by using chalkboard paint on the wall behind it to label all the different spices.

Take the spice racks into the bathroom where you can mount them on the wall next to your mirror and use them as storage for all of your hair styling and makeup products.

Or turn the spice rack upside down and transform it into a clothes hanging rod. A simple and useful idea to apply when decorating the entryway, the bedroom or the kids’ room.

These IKEA spice racks have the perfect dimensions for keeping all of your washi tape or ribbon rolls organized. So put them to good use and build a custom storage system.

Use a spice rack as a towel rod in the bathroom. Sure, you could use an actual towel rods but it wouldn’t come with that tiny shelf on top.

Install one or two of these spice racks on your baby changing station to organize and store all the baby wipes, lotions and any other supplies you need.

Paint the spice racks a bold color to go with the kids’ room décor and turn them into bookshelves. They’re great for storing and displaying coloring books and other small items.

Make sure you install the shelves somewhere where the kids can comfortably reach them. You can organize their books by type, size or however else you want.

Turn the spice rack upside down so you can turn it into a clothes’ hanging rod and make this a station where the kids can store their backpack and uniform when they come home from school.

Transform a few of these spice racks into bookshelves for your reading corner. Mount them on the wall to save floor space and install them wherever you want.

Need a practical and simple way to organize your necklaces? Use the IKEA spice rack. It will even provide you with a small shelf for displaying a framed picture, small decorations and other things.

A pair of IKEA spice racks could be combined like this. Take two leather belts and use them to secure the racks together. The one on top can be a shelf and the one on the bottom can be a storage shelf for planters, vases, etc.

In general, these spice racks are ideal for storing and organizing small collections such as your nail polish bottles. But first make the racks more attractive by painting them.

If you flip the rack upside down you’ll have both a shelf and a magazine rack combined into one simple and practical design.

Build a play kitchen for your daughter but don’t forget to include storage. It may not be an actual grown-up kitchen but it still needs spices and everything else.

Sure, these spice racks may only be able to hold two or three books but that’s actually perfect since kids’ books are so cute and colorful. Plus, it’s easier for them to find the one they want this way.

For the entrance, add a few hooks to the underside of an IKEA spice rack so you can organize your keys and other belongings. Store gloves, sunglasses and other small things on top.

Put one or two of these spice racks in the nursery next to the rocking chair and make this the perfect spot for story time.

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