Wine bottle centerpieces become more popular by the day. You would expect to see wine bottles at a wedding but not the way we picture them. Forget about the contents. This time it’s all about the containers. Empty wine bottles become the centerpieces and the focal points of this special event. In case you’re wondering how something this basic can be part of something so elegant, take a look at these gorgeous designs.

Obviously, the easiest thing to do would be to repurpose a wine bottle as a vase. But you don’t want it looking all ugly and out of place so first give it a glamorous makeover. Some metallic paint should do.

For a more rustic and opulent look, wrap twine around the bottles. Add a little bit of color too. These neon shades of yellow and pink really make the vases pop and the delicate pastel flowers complement them beautifully.

If metallic shades or glittery designs aren’t your type, you can try something a little simpler like matte white paint. Simple and versatile, these centerpieces look great no matter what type of wedding you’re planning.

Use gold paint on wine bottles to elevate them to a whole new rank. Consider trying a variety of textures for diversity on the table. One or two strategically-placed candles would also greatly enhance their beauty.

Still glamorous but with a more casual feel, silver accents can also work great for wedding centerpieces. A lovely cluster of wine and soda bottles plus a few jars to hold the succulents.

If you’d rather not spend time painting the bottles, look for ones that are already colored. Those with brown and greenish shades are the most common but perhaps you can also find a few more interesting-looking ones.

At the end of the day, even a boring color like brown can be turned into a gorgeous accent if you use it right. Opt for light-colored flowers for contrast and decorate the table using a similar palette.

And since this shade is not exactly considered a color, you add a few bold accents in the form of beautiful flowers. Use a mixture of colors and forms but try to be cohesive throughout.

Keep the actual bottle simple. Just remove the label and create a simple and elegant floral arragement. Then add your own twist to the centerpiece, like with a piece of fabric wrapped around the base to form a rose.

Love the minimalism of this centerpiece. Two wine bottles, one representing the groom and one the bride. Classy and cute, something that can be easily personalized and that requires little planning.

And for a more vintage-traditional approach, you can wrap bottles in twine and decorate them with lace and fabric flowers. Come up with your own design and spruce up the centerpieces with something that represents you as a couple.

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