Easter is one of those holidays that take you by surprise. There’s not a lot of time left and plenty of things to do so you might be tempted to overlook some of the details such as the decorations. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time preparing them. We have some great ideas for you to try this year.

1. Tissue paper eggs

It’s not really Easter without colorful eggs so let’s see how we can incorporate this symbol into our DIY projects. One idea is to make tissue paper eggs. You draw an egg on cardstock and repeat for the number of eggs you want to make. Cut out the eggs and lay the tissue paper. Then cut rectangles a little bit longer than the width of the egg, fringe the bottom edge and stack the pieces on the egg.

2. Eggshell centerpiece

This project requires you to save a few eggshells so just be careful with them when you use the eggs for making cookies or other delicious things. Carefully crack the eggs and remove the content. Wash the eggshell, add water and place it on the carton. Add a few more and then cut out flowers to put inside.

3. Jelly bean topiary

Jelly beans kinda look like tiny Easter eggs. Here’s how you can arrange them in a topiary. You need a small pot, floral foam, a styrofoam ball and a dowel. Anchor the dowel into the foam and top with moss. Glue each jelly bean onto the styrofoam ball until you cover the whole surface.

4. Egg bouquet

To make this colorful bouquet you need chocolate Easter eggs, colored napkins, wooden skewers and floral tape. Cut the napkins in half to make squares and wrap them around the eggs. Cut the excess , place a skewer inside and wrap with floral tape. You van also make eaves of green card stock.

5. Egg centerpiece.

The materials you’ll need include eggs, acrylic paint in pastels, a paint brush and mini eggs. Paint the eggs and the mini eggs with matching colors. Speckle the eggs in gold and leave them to dry. Peel back the egg shells and fill with spring flowers.

6. Moss eggs

Make decorations appropriate for spring. You’ll need moss, a hot glue gun, plastic eggs, twine, buttons and scissors. Apply some glue to the egg and press the moss in place. Continue until you cover the entire egg. Then remove any stray strands with the scissors. Add twine and buttons or simply leave the eggs like this.

7. Nest napkin rings

These decorations only take a few minutes to make. You need a napkin ring holder, a miniature nest, jellybeans and cloth napkins. Take the nest, wrap the wire around the napkin ring and center the nest onto the ring. Put the jelly beans into the nest.

8. Easter basket

It takes around 25 minutes to make this decoration. You need birch paper, a box cutter, skewers, a glue gun and a cylindrical container like a can. Trim off the bottom of the container and also trim the wood paper into strips. Adhere the skewers to one strip. Flip the paper over and adhere the skewers in between those you’ve already glued on. Then glue the woven mat to the container.

9. Carrot centerpiece

If you’re not a big fan of carrots in your food then maybe you’d like to use them on these centerpieces. Trim carrots to the same length. Take a transparent vase and put a small cup in the middle. Place the carrots around the cup. Then remove the cup and insert the flowers in its place.

10. Marble eggs

For this project you’ll need Fimo clay in the colors you like and a knife. Cut out tiny pieces of clay in two different colors and start rolling them together. Roll the clay into a ball and then pinch to make a tiny egg. Repeat. Then put the tiny eggs inside nut shells.

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