We have to admit, when we go to visit someone’s home we’re usually looking at the color of the front door, how their doorstep is decorated and for a cool or unusual welcome mat. Sometimes their rugs are cute and simple and other times they’re, let’s just say, “voicey.” And it’s the ones that have a lot more to say than just “welcome” that are our favorites.So we’ve rounded up 9 funny doormats that definitely give these homes some spunk.
1. If you love your iPhone a little too much.

2. If you prefer Netflix over people.

3. If you’re forgetful.
4. If you’re trendy and want everyone to know.

5. If you’re witty.

6. If you’re really into wine
7. If you’re like, really pretty.

8. If you love dogs more than humans.
9. If you love some good cat humor.
10. If your eyebrows are on fleek.