It is officially the love month and one way to make every holiday more fun is creating a manicure to match! If you want to give this Valentine’s Day Manicure a shot, here are the steps.

First pick a pink colour and a darker shade that looks good with it, it doesn’t need to look exactly like mine. Start with one of the colours and paint either half or a third of the nail with it, either horizontally or vertically. After applying two coats with your first colour, pull out the second and fill in the blank spaces on your nail.

For the gold lines I actually used stripping tape. I’ve never used any stickers or tapes on my nails but I got some from a friend and though I’d try ‘em out. They look nice in the picture but it didn’t take long before the tape starting ripping off. I wasn’t very impressed, but I’ll keep experimenting and I’ll let you guys know if I find a better way of doing it. Stripping tape is easy enough to apply to your nails. Just cut a section off the role and place it on your nail where the two colours meet. Lightly press it onto your nail and use some small scissors to cut the other end, and don’t forget to top coat.

I then added some hearts to one nail with a toothpick by making three dots and shaping them a bit to look right. The hardest part of this design is writing ‘love’ on the ring finger. Just take it slow and don’t worry if you mess up a little. After my first go at writing it I then went back and fixed up my lines with some of the original pink to make it look neater. I’d suggest moving your finger more than moving the brush, if you have the right angle it always make painting details more easy.

There you have it, how I made my Valentines nails. Are you ready for February 14th ?

via mommymoment