Wasn’t Valentine’s Day the best when you were a kid? Decorating a mailbox, passing out cards and treats to everyone in the class, and then coming home to dump out the box and inspect your loot? I’ve created a little Bingo game kids can play using their stash of cards and candy! I tried to think of classic Valentine treats and also things that might be popular with kids this year. (Frozen and TMNT, anyone?)


1. Kids can look through their pile and mark off things as they find them, OR
2. You can call out a square at a time like traditional BINGO (to play this way, simply cut up one of the boards and draw a square at a time.)

You can use this board however you’d like, but here are some rules I came up with that might help:

1. You may only mark one square per turn (even though there may be several cards that fit the category)
2. You can count a card more than once – for example the the red Hot Tamales are also cinnamon-flavored, bu you can’t cross them both out on the same turn.
3. Variation: Choose one item from the pile at a time and cross off one square that it would fit.

Here’s a little close up of what the game board looks like!

I purposely made this printable black and white so it would be easy to copy for classrooms – and you can also print it on any color of paper! The PDFs include 4 different game boards, 2 on each page.

Get the Printable Valentine Card BINGO game HERE and HERE!

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