Have any Valentine dinner ideas yet? While many people go out to eat to celebrate Valentine’s day, cooking together a special meal can be more romantic and fun. Not only can you avoid the Valentine’s Day crowd, but you can cook up fun foods befitting the occasion.  From roses and heart shaped foods to chocolate and more, I’ve rounded up some ideas for a meal that will hopefully warm your heart this Valentine’s Day!

1.  Salad of Cucumber, Radishes and Cherries with Rose Petals and Pea Shoots

Nothing says Valentine’s day like roses, so why not start your meal right with a beautiful salad with rose petals like this one ?

2. Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day Soup: Borscht

If you prefer soup, borscht isn’t just healthy, but it’s a beautiful shade of red that makes it perfect for the holiday.  If you cut out hearts from potato and beet slices like Catherine from Albion cooks, you’ll make it even more fitting of the occasion.

3. Heart-Shaped Personal Pizzas with Heart-Shaped Toppings

Making personal pizzas can be a fun activity to do as a couple, and decorating them with heart shaped toppings just screams Valentine’s day.

4. Heart Shaped Chocolate Ravioli with Chocolate Mascarpone Filling

If you’re looking for a decadent dessert for your chocolate loving valentine, try these heart shaped chocolate ravioli with chocolate mascarpone filling.  The filling is quick to make and tastes absolutely amazing, so even if you aren’t up to making your own pasta, perhaps you can use it to fill some crepes for dessert.

5. Decorate your after dinner coffee with a heart!

Taking the time to make hearts on your valentine’s coffee shows just how much you care.  With a bit of practice, you can quickly do this and put a smile on his or her face even when it isn’t Valentine’s day.

6. Rose Petal Gummies

Why not serve your coffee with these beautiful rose petal gummies?  They are simple and quick to make using rose petal tea, but are sure to impress.

via  diyready