These frighteningly cute pencil holders used to be shampoo bottles!If you have children, make this. The kids will love!

Materials: empty shampoo pot, black and white stickers, stiletto, scissors, universal glue. Use double-sided tape if you want to hang on the wall, in front of the children’s table.

How to make Monsters Pencil Holders
1)Remove the label from the shampoo bottle and draw the eyes, mouth and head of the monster using a pencil.
2)Insert the stylus above the top of the monster head to make an initial cut.
3)Cut the monster’s head with scissors.
4)Draw the arms of the monster. Draw one on each side of the upper part of the bottle, the left over, Then cut it.
5)Glue the arms on the back of the monster.
6)Press to stick well.
7)Cut-adhesive paper, stickers or tape to make the eyes and mouth.
8)Stick eyes and mouth on the monster.

9)Use double-sided tape to stick on the wall!


via  madamecriativa