Recycle that empty plastic milk jug and turn it into a watering can using a pair of sharp scissors. You don’t need the lid or anything fancy to transform it from milk jug to watering can, just a little soap and water to clean the jug and some strategically placed watering holes.

Wash and clean the plastic milk jug. The last thing you want is to mingle milk with your water so make sure you rinse first and then add a small amount of liquid dish soap to the inside of the jug. Fill with water, swish and then pour the soapy water down the drain.

Repeat the rinsing process several times until the water runs clean and suds are no longer detected in the water.

Clean the jug lid if you plan to use it, or simply discard.

Punctured around the top quadrant of the plastic jug with your sharp scissors. You don’t need many holes, however make sure the holes are near the top of the jug and on one side. That way, the water won’t spill from the top when you use the jug and you can fill it at least ¾ of the way with water without having it leak from the holes.

Fill the jug with water and water the plants!

via  wikihow