Have you tried to decorate kids clothes with fabric paint? When we are in love we often act like children, so what do you think of this idea for a funny DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him? Follow the tutorial and learn how to decorate his socks with fabric paint. A simple, easy to perform, but also really creative craft idea, that both kids and adults will love!

Needed materials:

• Brush
• Heart template
• Cardboard
• A pair of plain socks to decorate
• Scissors
• Fabric paint
• Pencil

Take the thin cardboard and cut two equal strips of it.

Place one strip of cardboard inside each of the socks you want to decorate. In this way we will make sure that the paint does not pass through. Painting will be also a lot easier. Socks will stay firm so that we can achieve our heart design.

Print this heart template and cut along the lines.

Place the paper heart on both socks, aligning the middle axis of the heart with the middle of both socks.

Use the pencil to draw the outline of the heart over both socks.

Now, to decorate the socks with fabric paint, first dip the brush into the paint you have chosen.

With the brush go along the line you have drawn with the pencil.

Fill in the heart with paint.

Do the same on the other sock. Wait for to dry and you have a pair of beautiful decorated socks!

via diy-enthusiasts