Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with DIY Feathered Arrows! This easy craft adds the perfect touch of Valentine’s Day to your home with a nod to Cupid’s arrows.

Let’s talk decorating! Do you decorate for every holiday? I’m not big into doing all the smaller holidays because there’s usually only a few weeks or so between them, and I feel like I’m constantly re-decorating the house. Not much time for that these days!

So whenever I can incorporate a little bit of the holidays without totally redecorating, I’m a happy girl. These feathered arrows are a perfect example of that. They give a little wink to Valentine’s Day without plastering pink and red hearts all over. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just a lover of neutrals!!

Now let’s make some arrows:


  • wood skewers
  • paint/stain
  • paint brush
  • feathers
  • hot glue
  • string/twine
  • scrap paper

Start with the wood skewers. Grab one for each arrow you’d like to make and a small paint brush.

Paint or stain the skewers in your color of choice. I wanted a rich wood tone to pair with the bright white feathers, so I used dark walnut stain for mine. LOVE me some dark walnut.

After your paint/stain dries, use hot glue to attach two feathers on one end of a skewer. Place them on opposite sides and sandwich the skewer in between.

Then use string or twine to wrap around the base of the feathers, covering up the stems. Tie the ends in a knot to hold in place. I used natural twine to keep with the neutral look and left the ends untrimmed. I think it gives the arrows a cute, rustic vibe!

Cut 2 small triangles from paper scraps and bend them in half. Add some hot glue along the fold and place on the pointed end of the skewer. Repeat with the other paper triangle and sandwich the skewer between both pieces, creating an “arrowhead”. I had some scraps of silver paper laying around that were perfect for these arrows!

You can display these arrows in all kinds of ways, like adding them to a cylinder glass vase like I did here. SO cute!

I added a stack of “old love letters” (aka white envelope soaked in coffee and dried with a hairdryer) next to the arrows to play up the Valentine’s theme a little more.

via  iheartnaptime