It’s the perfect place to hang your coats, scarves, purses, and just about anything else. Plus, it gives your apartment a rustic feel that makes any place feel a little more like home. I was a little intimidated that we would be working with wood, but trust me, this DIY is super easy!

Here’s what you need :

-Piece of drift or reclaimed wood

-Coat hooks (found at any hardware store)

-Phillips head screw driver

-Gold (or any color) spray paint

-Blue painters tape

For Mounting :

-2-3 screw eye hooks



1. Tape of a portion of the drift wood with the tape, making sure the tape is very flat to the surface of the wood to ensure no paint bleeds.

2. Spray paint the part of the stick that you want to have colored.

3. Once the paint has dried, lay the wood flat and either measure or eyeball where you want each hook.

4. Screw the hooks into the wood (you can drill them or use your own strength!)


You can use whatever method you would like to mount the rack… we chose to use eye hooks and screws.

1. Screw the eye hooks into the wall exactly where you want the rack to be.

2. Screw the screws into the bottom of the wood where you want to wood to meet the screw eye hooks.

There you have it!  I told you it was an easy one!

via  theeffortlesschic