We used to love playing Scrabble, but with everyone’s busy schedules we haven’t played board games as a family in quite some time. So I decided it would be fun to create an ongoing game on the refrigerator where everyone can play no matter when they are home! Here’s how to make and play your very own Refrigerator Scrabble Game!

You don’t have to pick a theme, but it’s more challenging this way. As you can see from the words in my Scrabble game, our theme for this round was “back to school”. Family members were only allowed to use words related to school. Our kids are all high school and older, but if you have younger kids it’s great way to practice their spelling!

You can find old Scrabble games at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales. You can also purchase letter tiles at craft stores.

Aside from the letter tiles, the only other things you will need are round magnets and white craft glue. Simply glue the magnets to the back of the tiles.

Turn all the scrabble tiles over and add a pea sized drop of glue to the center of each one.

Place a magnet into the glue and press until the magnet touches the tile. Glue will ooze out the sides, and that’s okay! Let the glue dry completely.

See, wasn’t that easy? Now all you have to do is put your scrabble tiles on the refrigerator and play!

To play:

Pick a theme (back to school, fall, thanksgiving, sports, etc)
First player creates a word (record name and word on a piece of paper and hang in on the fridge, along with the points)
Each person adds a word and records their name and points
When no other words can be made from remaining letters, add up points and let the winner choose the next theme!

This is a fun way to play a game with your family, even when your hectic schedules don’t allow for it. So go ahead, beat the system, and have fun with it!

via  craftsbyamanda