DIY projects are always a lot of fun. Not only do you save money, but you will also get to add your own personal touches to the project. They can also be a great conversation starter! Today, we will show you how to create your own personal Pallet Bar for your garden.


  • 3 Pallets
  • Sand Paper
  • Wood Stain (When choosing a color keep in mind the feel and other decor in your wedding.)
  • Polyurethane (To make it shine!)
  • 3 Wooden Boards, measuring 1x6x8
  • 1 Wooden Board, measuring 1x6x2
  • Carriage Bolts, Washers, & Nuts
  • L-brackets, Rectangle Metal Brackets & Screws


Pre-Assembly Preparations

1. Locate at least 3 sturdy and somewhat clean pallets to work with. Two full pallets will be the front of the bar and the third one will be cut in half and used as the sides of the bar.

2. Sand each pallet to give it a smooth finish.

3. Next grab your desired color of wood stain and stain each pallet, front and back and inside to cover all areas with stain. Let dry over-night.

4. For a glossy and shinier finish, apply polyurethane to the the pallets. Let dry over-night. Once dry, apply a second coat.

5. The 3 pieces of wood boards, measuring 1x6x8 (1 inch thick, 6 inches wide, 8 feet long) will be the bar top. The wooden board, measuring 1x6x2 (1 inch thick, 6 inches wide, 2 feet long) will be sawed in half into two- one foot sections. These will be the sides of the bar top.

6. Sand each board to give it a smooth finish. Then stain all the boards and let them dry over-night. Next apply polyurethane to all sides of each board that are visible. Let dry over-night. Apply a second coat.


1. Bolt the two full pallets together, that will serve as the front of the bar.  On the inside sections of each pallet on the farthest left side of one pallet and the farthest right side of the other pallet, drill 5 holes evenly across both sections from top to bottom.  Insert carriage bolts into each hole and tighten with a washer and nut.

2. Attach the sides of the bar to the front of the bar using “L” brackets.  Use small screws to secure brackets.  The base of the bar should now be complete.

3. To assemble the bar top, take the three  1x6x8 wood boards and lay them flat pushed together evenly.  Using rectangle metal brackets, secure all three boards together to make one single piece.  Attach the two 1x6x1 foot sections to each side with rectangle metal brackets, for the sides of the bar top.

4. Keep the bar top turned upside down.  Please the base of the bar (pallets) on top of the bar top.  Secure the base to the bar top using heavy-duty metal “L” brackets.  Secure as many brackets as you feel you need to make it as sturdy as possible.

5. Turn bar right side up.  Your bar is complete and ready for your garden!

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