If your closet is filled with torn jeans that you are tempted to throw away, think about making a few denim napkins first. You can create beautiful napkins with minimal sewing and these are great for summer cookouts. You basically just fold and sew the denim and you can create pockets for holding silverware. This is an easy project and one that you can work on with different materials so whether you have old jeans in the closet or any other clothing that is ripped or stained, you can make napkins from any of it.

Simply take a pair of torn jean and cut a large rectangle out of each of the pant legs.

After doing a rough cut, I used a cloth napkin I already owned to get the sizing right.

Then I ran the frayed edges through my sewing machine. Done and done. You can totally do this in under an hour and I think it adds a bohemian touch to any tabletop.

via  yourpocketstylist