Once the bread is gone, you normally throw out the clips, right? Some people do use them for other things and if you are one of those people, this is a great Halloween project for you. You can turn those clips into adorable monsters that you hang on DIY garland to decorate for the holiday. Just paint monster faces on your bread clips and this works with clips of all sizes, even the ones that may be broken or chipped. Once you have your monster faces done, just clip them all onto a rope or string for hanging.

The bread clips themselves came in all these different colors, so I did not have to paint the entire bread clip. 

I just used my stylist to add dots and lines with acrylic paint.  A word to make this go a bit faster: start with the eyes.  Take white paint, and paint eyes on every single bread clip.  Then, add the other patterns around them.  I think it is easier that way – especially when making these in bulk!

I hot glued them onto string to make them into a garland.

via  craftyladylindsay