We have wanted to make a paper bead curtain for the longest time, but as you can see it takes a crazy amount of time!  We used about 1,000 paper beads to make this one!  It takes about a minute to make each paper beads, soooo you can do the math, its kinda nuts. It would have been cool to make a longer one for a doorway, or one for actual curtains, but because of time requirements we made a smaller version with 1,000 paper beads.  We rolled every single one of those, there are probably about 25 different books in there, all left over beads that we didn’t have enough to make anything with.


  • Paper Beads
  • Glass beads
  • Cord or hemp
  • Scissors
  • Wire to hang,  used a recycled coil from a bed spring

This was the first half of the book beads we saved up for this project.  It took us about an hour and a half to tie and thread all those suckers onto the hemp cord.  Just tie a knot at the bottom of the hemp place a glass bead at the bottom before stringing on the paper beads, this gives the strand weight so it hangs down nicely.  Then repeat again and again, then tie them onto the wire or wood dowel top you use to hang it.

This project make take a huge chunk of time, but it looks amazing when it’s done, the organic textured look it gives rocks!  We love that the strands are all a little different in length. It would be fun to make two of them and hang them on either side of the bedroom dressers, or between photo frames, doors or windows!  Imagine one handing from a high ceiling, lots of cool directions to take this project for sure!

via trashycrafter