With all the talk about 50 Shades this week (good, bad, and plain old crazy), we thought it only completely appropriate and somewhat predictable to share 50 Shades of Grey… Rooms with you!  Because no matter how you feel about the books and movie, I’ve been in love with more than 50 shades of grey for about the last decade.  So no haters allowed to this party… or we might just have to say “Laters Baby” to ya.

Let’s check out all the yummy grey goodness in these amazing spaces…

When you stop and think about it, this bathroom has a lot going on… dramatic wall molding, rounded tub, straight lined vanity, tight patterned floor tile, marble vanity top, unique lighting- which would feel like a circus if it wasn’t for the monochrome grey palette.
How awesome is this?  With 4 kids I dream of an island this large… And again, check out all the mixing of patterns going on here- and it works!

Grey sometimes gets an undeserved bad rap…well, the kinky billionaire Grey deserves his- red room of pain…yikes! but I’m referring to the color. People often put grey in the cold, stark category; when really, it can be warm, cozy and inviting!  We sometimes forget that there’s a whole green-grey and warm greige family just waiting to fulfill your rustic-loving, natural wood dreams.

This room is the perfect (imho) combination of using grey in a sleek, modern and warm, cozy way.

Dark grey, light grey, muted grey, and lots of texture.  If I was a city girl, this would be how I’d roll.  How are we feeling about the 6 inch coffee table… not too sure about that.  My hubs is 6’4″ he’d think that was a tad ridiculous.

After spending a week in Long Island, Bahamas (more to come about that next week) in a house with beautiful coastal decor, I was immediately drawn to this grey room.  It’s not over the top shells and anchors, but instead has a subtle, sophisticated coastal vibe.  Yes Please!!

Can we pause and adore those feather paintings… guys you could totally DIY your own! 

Grey is NOT just for grownups!  I love this kids space!  Being a total color lover, I’d add some bold, colorful pops, but even monochrome, I’m a fan.

This room is crazy fun!  I love all the pattern combos.  My blogger turned store owner pal Kim has an amazing online store Design.Life.Kids that you’ve gotta check out if you like the style of these two kid rooms.  Kim’s taste is straight perfection!

This room is a bit too grown-up for me, but I can definitely appreciate it.  I’m a huge fan of grey and deep teal combined… I may have painted my living room in those colors.  Reveal of that space coming someday… who knows when I’ll feel like it’s really “done.”

Be still my empty-frame-loving heart! I love this wall and how they filled just a few frames and even used some broken frame corner pieces.  Man, it’s so good.  You can check out my green frame wall here.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that 50 Shades of Grey is a good thing… in your home.  I’ll let you make your own call about E.L. James’ version.  And since Haters Gonna Hate, just make sure that if you’re hating on 50 Shades of Grey that you’re super clear that you don’t mean the paint colors…