It’s not just about displaying clothing around your house or finding a way to stylishly store your favorite fashion if you don’t have a closet. Even if you find yourself with plenty of hidden away storage for your clothes, you might still consider displaying some items — being visible and easily accessible might make getting ready in the morning a little easier! So for storage, display or a way to “lay” out your outfits for the next day, consider one of these ideas (some DIY-able!)

Turn old ladders into a stylish shelf and hanging area for clothes.

Create a “yours” and “theirs” area for your clothes that display the favorite clothing articles of all folks who live in the home so everyone’s inspired to dress their best everyday.

Another DIY ladder reuse-able idea! This time you use an old ladder with paint and install it in such a way that you have storage above and below.

We love the idea of creating a 3D box on the wall that makes your clothes look more like art in a shadowbox. The gold along the box’s edge mimics architectural wall paneling, too.

Industrial pipe is a favorite material to use for DIY projects due to its affordability and its durability. We love this idea that combines hanging area and a basket for shoes. Would make for a great entryway organizing area.

via  apartmenttherapy