We are bringing you a very simple sliding knot bracelet project.  This bracelet takes all of 5 minutes to complete and it’s so easy that you will want to make a bunch of them!

Supplies needed to make your own sliding knot bracelet:

  • Leather Cord  or Hemp Cord
  • Gold Bezel Pave Connectors
  • Shiny Gold Circle Connectors
  • Seahorse Charm Links
  • Scissors

      To make the bracelet, cut two pieces of cord that are around 13 inches long (this depends on how big your hand is, you may find you need less).  Slide the charm to the middle of the cord and knot.  Repeat this process with the other cord on the other side.

      Knot both ends of the bracelet.  That’s all. The bracelet is now done! Now on to the sliding knot closure.

      You will need a piece of cord that is about 7 inches long.  Create a loop with one side using about 3 inches of cord.

      Line up the bracelets ends.

      Holding the bracelet ends together, place the loop on top of the bracelet.

      Taking that long “tail” (see above picture) and wrap it around the bracelet 4 times.

      Still holding the long tail,  pull it through the loop and pull tight.

      We like to knot each cord end close to the sliding knot and trim off  any excess cord.

      You’re now finished with your sliding knot bracelet!

      Here is  sliding knot bracelet in action.

      Don’t blame me if you end up making a ton of these cute sliding knot bracelets! They look great layered!  Have fun!

      via  craftsunleashed