Cats have a mind of their own and love to sleep wherever they want and rule the roost. A lot of us are cat lovers or at least know somebody who is a cat lover. There are some wonderful products that you might not know about (such as the kitty treat shooter or the hanging walkway!)…

Your cats will show their appreciation and love when you treat them with kindness and respect and affection. How about providing your kitty a comfortable and private place to snuggle? You’ll find some great ideas in this list! Take a look through – there is a wide variety of cat lover products!

1. Adorable cat cocoon:

2. Side cat bed:

3. Cat litter hidden nicely in a cabinet:

4. Cat massage toy:

5. Cat veranda so your kitty can get some fresh air:

6. Cat coffee table:

7. The cat cave:

8. Toilet paper saver:

 9. Custom cat portrait:

10. Cat whack-a-mole game:

11. Cat litter box hidden beneath a plant:

12. Self-grooming cat comb:

13. Cat cushion trapeze:

14. Long handled kitty litter scooper:

15. Solar powered kitty toy:

16. Decoy keyboard:

17. Stylish cat gym:

18. Clear window bird feeder:

19. Couch cat scratcher saver:

20. Cat window bed:

21. Kitty treat shooter:

22. Fuzzy cat bun bed:

23. Cat hanging walkway:

24. Indiana Jones cat bridge:

25. Soft Paws for your kitty’s claws:

26. Cat pipeline:

27. Door vent:

28. Kitt-in-Box cat desk box:

29. Stylish cat pod:

30. Cat hammock:

31. Outside cat ladder:

32. Cat punching bag:

33. Human and cat rocking chair:

34. Cat radiator bed:

35. Cat walkway system:

36. Cat scratching console:

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