We all know that giving old stuff a new life instead of throwing them away is valuable and ecological. There are pretty much different ways that people used old wine barrels to decorate their homes and outdoors. For example, they can be converted to dog houses, planters, chairs, tables, sinks and so on. Today we have gathered a bunch of such ideas to help you find a proper inspiration.

1. Wine Barrel Coffee Table

2. Wine Barrel Ice Chest

3. Cut out a portion of a wine barrel and turn it into a frame of a wall mirror

 4. Coffee Table Crafted From A Recycled Whiskey Barrel

 5. Wine Barrel Bathroom Storage

 6. A beautiful mini-garden

 7. Stylish wine rack

 8. Custom-build Donkey Kong Barrel Tabletop Arcade

 9. A wine barrel as a sink

10. Recycled Wine Barrel Dog Feeder

11. Luxury Dog House

12. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

13. Recycled Wine Barrel Bar

14. Cool nightstand

15. Kitchen island

16. Barrel Swing

 17. Wine barrel dessert bar

18. Wine barrel side table

19. Wine Barrel Fountains

 20. Wine Barrel Tables

21. Wine Glass Rack

22. Garden bench

23. Wine Barrel Ice Cooler

24. Baby Cradle Made out of Old Wine Barrel

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