I will always be a firm believer that a kitchen utensil should serve more than one purpose. I have nothing, I mean nothing, that doesn’t do more than ONE thing. (Yes, my can opener can open bottled beverages.) So, why let your ice cube tray only make watery ice cubes? Why not, for example, have little portions of pasta sauce?

1. Preserve your herbs in olive oil instead of having them go to waste.

2. Hate dipping your strawberries into chocolate? Use an ice cube tray instead. Just spray a little bit of oil onto the tray, pour the chocolate in then place the strawberries inside.

3. Want to add a twist to your glass of milk? Make these delicious and easy to make chocolate ice cubes with vanilla milk!

4. The biggest problem with normal ice cubes is that they water down whatever you’re drinking. Solution? Coffee ice cubes. Make some coffee and pour it into the tray then add it to whatever you want. Never have watered down coffee again.

5. Not everyone can be a master sushi chef, so make bite-sized portions with an ice cube tray!

6. Let’s face the facts. You buy a carton of buttermilk for pancakes or waffles or dressing but never, ever use the whole thing. Stop wasting it and freeze them. Now you can have delicious waffles whenever. 

7. Three words: peanut butter cups. That is all.

8. If you somehow have leftover wine (I don’t know why this would ever happen, but it happens), turn them into ice cubes for future cooking and/or drinking purposes. The quality will be perfectly fine for mixed drinks and elaborate dishes. 

9. Love having pesto linguine anytime of the night but don’t want to go through the hassle of making your own pesto? Freeze them into individual ice cubes and have pesto in the time it takes you to cook your pasta.

10. Don’t you hate having leftover chicken stock but have no idea what to do with it? Have them in ice cubes and you can add a little savory kick to any dish.

11. Blueberry martini jello shots. Need I say more?

12. Bite-sized chocolate cheesecake bites. Now you have an excuse to eat 10 because, you know, they’re mini.

13. Baby food can be incredibly expensive, especially if it lacks preservatives and the like. A healthier, cheaper alternative is to make your own, freeze it, and thaw it out as you need it. 

14. A lot of people freeze homemade tomato sauce, so they can have a fresh-tasting mix-in for their pasta. Instead of freezing big batches, portion them out into ice cubes for days you just want a small portion. Plus, they’re easy to microwave.

15. For people who have a hard time controlling their portions, try these mini popsicles.

16. Saving the best for last, portion-controlled cookie dough. Except, I’d actually just eat the whole tray. Oh well. Another great way to use this is to bake off your own personal cookie each time you want one. Pop one out, throw it in the oven, and you have a fresh cookie whenever you want.

via  diply