In interior design, all things have to go together to complete the look of a room. If there’s one element that is missing or one item in a room that doesn’t seem fit, it can destroy the overall look of it. Nowadays, there are various styles of tissue paper holders for the bathroom so that you can match even a tissue paper holder with the theme of your bathroom. Here are some nice designs of Toilet Paper Holder that you can choose from.

Antique English Toilet Paper Holder

This Antique English Toilet Paper Holder looks very elegant and will fit right in a classic bathroom. You can match it with the tile or mirror edges, it’s up to you.

Bancroft Toilet Tissue Holder

This Bancroft Toilet Tissue Holder is a classic piece that you can add to any kind of bathroom. Since it is in a standard metallic design, you don’t have to worry much about it becoming out of place.

Cast Iron Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Holder

For an added chic element to your bathroom, you can add this Cast Iron Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Holder. It would also add some vintage touch to your bathroom.

Clear Yellow White Plastic Toilet Paper Tissue Holder Box Cover

If you have kiddos at home, they would surely love this toilet paper. The clear yellow white plastic will tell you if it’s time to refill your tissue paper holder.

Deer Antler Toilet Paper Holder

This Deer Antler Toilet Paper Holder will be a classic piece in your bathroom. This is a rare item that you can add to your collection of eccentric things.

Egyptian Priestess Bathroom Tissue Holder

For the egyptian, historical look, you can add this wonderful piece. Well, some people just love to see a piece of history staring back at them.

iCarta Stereo Dock for Ipod Tissue Holder

This iCarta Stereo Dock might be everything you need to entertain yourself in the bathroom. You can place your ipod in shuffle mode and plug it in. This is actually a stereo box or audio system. Just make sure you don’t place it next to the shower.

Neat Steel Vertical Tissue Holder

Another standard steel design is this tissue paper holder. Compared to the ordinary tissue paper holder designs, this tissue paper holder gets rid of the mess. You won’t accidentally pull out what you need. Get the paper as you need it.

Parrot Style Standing Tissue Paper Holder

For bird lover, most especially parrot lovers, here is the design that will go perfectly in your bathroom. Design is also about expression so you can express your love for macaws with this lovely and almost real parrot tissue holder.

Plumbing Pipe Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

A unique tissue paper design. It is actually a plumbing pipe transformed into a tissue paper holder. If you don’t have the resources to go to a hardware store but your creativity is overflowing, plus, your love for nature, then go ahead and look for something to recycle.

Polaroid Camera Tissue Holder

To add to your bathroom’s retro or vintage look, install this Polaroid Camera Tissue Holder and your guests will definitely be awed by this really cool design.

Stinkin Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Isn’t it cute to have a little black bear attached to your wall and then look at that, it looks like it’s pooing some white stuff, well that’s a cute wild bear tissue holder for you.

The Organized Bath Freestanding Toilet Tissue Holder

Sometimes, we can’t help but feel bored while we are spending a couple of minutes sitting on the toilet while doing our thing, so why not place some educational or even entertaining magazines next to you and add some knowledge or even skills instead of just staring on an empty wall.

Twig N’ Leaf Iron Toilet Tissue Holder

This Twig N’ Leaf Iron Tissue Holder will look great for outdoor bathrooms. If you have vacation houses next to the beach, this design for a tissue holder will fit in perfectly.

Vintage Steel Standing Tissue Holder

Don’t go anywhere else when you run out of supplies. Put your tissue stocks in a vintage tissue holder and easily replace your tissue when you’re out of it.

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