Most people have become used to drinking coffee to jump start their day. It sure is great to have your coffee boost in the morning. You can just grab a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop and you are ready to face the day. However, nothing beats a warm cup of coffee that you made by yourself and put in your own favorite mug. To make things even more interesting, grab a mug that will contribute wonders to your breakfast or add some interest to your coffee break. We are talking about mugs that have really unique and interesting designs.
Camera Lens Coffee Mug

We believe that photographers and even photography enthusiasts just can’t get enough of tinkering their toys, and so this mug is in a lens design so you can drink your coffee while still holding a camera lens at hand.
Cool Cow Coffee Cup
Drinking coffee can be as fun as drinking milk. This Cow Coffee Mug will make your drinking experience even more interesting and natural.
Cute Little Snowman Coffee Mug
 We all know that cute character from frozen named Olaf. Well this little snowman here isn’t exactly Olaf but looks very cute! This Cute Little Snowman Coffee Mug is a great gift for the winter season.

Cute White Footed Mug

Don’t worry because this Cute White Footed Mug will not run away. This design is really unique and offers a stable footing for your coffee. No spills with this strong pair of feet.

Retro Gun Coffee Mug

This mug can be both for adults and kids who love adventure. This Retro Gun Coffee Mug looks bulky but is provides a good handle for drinking coffee.

Rubiks Cube Coffee Mug

 This Rubiks Cube Coffee Mug is a great design for kids and Rubiks cube lovers. It has a big space inside the cube where you can put a large amount of coffee.

The Stunner Coffee Mug

 This Stunner Coffee Mug is a tough and strong one. It has a metal handle and a ceramic base. Drink your coffee in a tough manner.

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

 It seems like people never run out of creative ideas. When something is supposed to be disgusting, creative people can transform it into something interesting.

Two Cups One Saucer Coffee Mug

This Two Cups One Saucer Coffee Mug is ideal for couples. Naturally, you would want to share a lot of things with your loved one. This time, the saucer counts so that there won’t be a lot of dishes to wash after breakfast.

Unique Mug with Face and Food Holder

Have you had times when you were in the middle of something and then somebody calls you? Of course, you have to stop what you are doing and answer a call. Well, this time, you won’t have to worry about where to place your cookie or donut because this mug has provided a space for you to rest your cookies.
via  rilane