Without an appropriate storage box the kid’s room can turn into a war field with toys, and most often you are the one who suffers, stepping on some toy. Therefore, to avoid the big pile of messy toys, you have to find a way to store them in appropriate and creative way. Usually toy storage boxes come in an ordinary and dull form. Anyway, there is always an alternative, and as always,we aspire to inspire you to push the limits of ordinary and find great toy storage box ideas.

Big Blue Lego Toy Box

This is really awesome and creative toy storage box for kid’s bedroom. The ginat lego in a blue color will keep your kid’s toys stored and will create organized and cool ambiance in the room.

Baseball Toy Storage Box

This is a great toy storage box for a boy’s bedroom, your little sportsman would love to have a storage box with cool baseball inspired prints. In addition, this toy storage box can be also used as a seating bench.

Big Lego Toy Storage

Here is another lego shaped toy storage boxes which will surely help you to create organized and beautiful ambiance in your kid’s bedroom.

Colorful Train Toy Storage

Choo Choo! All Toys aboard, on the cool colorful train shaped box storage. This toy storage box can be used also as a decorative big toy in your kid’s bedroom.

Hello Kitty Toy Storage

Hello Kitty Toy Storage Box can take a perfect spot in Hello Kitty themed bedroom as well as in every girly and pink bedroom.

Minnie Toy Storage

Minnie Mouse toy storage box will surely stand out in your daughter’s bedroom and help you keep the room organized and neat.

Pink Care Bears Toys Storage

Care bears are one of the most adorable creatures that we have met, and we all love them. So, a carebear inspired toy storage box will fit perfect in your girl’s bedroom.

Pink Girly Toy Storage Box

This girly toy box with adorable pink flowers will help your little girl to keep her dolls and barbies organized.

Pretty Pink Toy Storage Bench

This colorful a bit girly bench is not only a bench but a super cool toy storage box which makes it totally awesome and adorable.

Smurfs Toy Storage

Who doesn’t love the smurfs? These blue adorable people have been a part from our childhood as well, and they are still popular and adored by the kids, so a smurf printed toy box would be appropriate for your kid’s bedroom.

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