When you break (or your kids or pets break) the glass out of a picture frame, don’t throw away the base. Instead, use it to create a gorgeous and very functional earring display. You’ll need some sort of wire (picture wire works really well) to hang your earrings on. Just run the wire across the frame and then hang up your earrings. This is a great gift idea for girls of all ages and you can run as much wire, making as many levels, as you want. If you have longer earrings that dangle, make longer levels.

Supplies: picture frame, 12′ of picture wire, acrylic paint & brush, staple gun (or nails/tacks, etc)

Since the frame wasn’t real wood, I was a little concerned with how it would turn out once I painted it. I definitely wanted it to have the antiqued look, where you could see the previous color underneath the white paint.

I gave the frame a couple coats of paint with this almost-but-not-quite white acrylic paint using the brushes pictured. I used this type of brush because it’s what I had, but I really liked how it turned out because, well, honestly, it didn’t do a very good job! But in a good way! It would wipe away some of the paint as I was trying to paint more, giving it that faded, shabby look. I just painted the frame, I didn’t have to sand it, wipe it, or distress it in any way.

Next, I took a piece of wire and laid it across the back of the frame. I folded it over twice so that I had three strands folded together that were just a little longer than the width of the frame (this was to make the hanging wire a little thicker).

Twist the wires loosely so they hold together, but loose enough so you can stick a post earring through there if you want! 🙂

On the back of the frame I used a pencil to mark where to hang the wire. I started with 1/4″ from the top opening of the frame,  then spaced the remaining wire 2.25″ apart.

Here’s what the back looks like.

I stapled the wire to the frame, then folded and tucked the wire so it wouldn’t come out. If you don’t have a staple gun, you could also use small nails or tacks to wrap the wire around and hold in place.

I gave the knots a few taps with a hammer to make sure there weren’t any sharp wire edges sticking out.

And that’s IT! 🙂 So quick and easy! It looks beautiful on a dresser or chest of drawers.

via  kevinandamanda