This is a great DIY trick for refilling those oil plug-ins without having to pay for the refills. Let’s face it, when you buy the refill oils you are mostly paying for the container that they come in. Instead of doing that, you can just refill it yourself and save a fortune – plus you get to choose the oil that you use so your home will smell like you want it to.

The steps are so easy and you can use any scent that you want. Refilling your oil containers also cuts down on the amount of trash that you have so this is a cheap and environmentally friendly tip. There are just a few steps:

1)Take the wick out of your old plug-in
2)Fill the container about ½ full with your favorite essential oil
3)Fill the remainder of the container up with water
4)Replace and use

Note that you can also use liquid potpourri that you can find at any Dollar Store for around $1. If you are using this method, eliminate the water and just fill the entire container with liquid potpourri. Then just plug it in and enjoy! This really is an easy way to fill those plug-ins and save money to boot.

via  diyncrafts