Today’s project is a little nuts-o.  A totally unnecessary, non-functional, can only be used a few-weeks-out-of-the-year, type of project.  But don’t you dare Bah-Humbug this.  Because every time to take one little step into the kitchen (or dining room)…… won’t be able to stop that smile from spreading across your face.   And you may find yourself humming ‘jingle bells‘ or ‘rudolph‘ as you clean up after meals.

These little babies are made from felt (which is on sale right now for $2.50/yd right now at Joann’s)…….so they hold their shape really well.  And sewing is minimal since hemming is not needed.  Truly, a pretty quick little project.

And because they’re polyester felt, they’re washable.  Remember how I have 3 little kids?!!  (However, I won’t dry them.)

But just remember, their only real purpose is for holiday cheer.  Lots of BRIGHT RED holiday cheer.

Want to whip up a few for your home?

First of all, I mentioned above that I purchased my red polyester felt on sale at Joann’s, for $2.50 a yard.  I bought 4 yards of the red and 1 yard of the white.  However, the amount you need, depends on the size of your chairs.

To begin, measure your chair.  You need to know how wide it is (at it’s widest) and then how tall the back section is.  I didn’t want my cover to reach all the way down to the seat……in case someone sat in the chair and pulled the chair cover down a bit and then sat on the cover. I was worried that would stretch it out all wonky.  So mine reach down to about 2 inches above the seat section of the chair.

So, I needed the main rectangle shape of my covers to be about 19 inches wide and 18 inches tall when it was done.   But then, I needed the top edge to have a triangle shape (for the santa hat look), which I decided to make about 10 inches tall………..from the top point, down to where the main rectangle shape begins.  Then, I cut out 2 of these shapes, but added a 1/2 inch on all sides (except for the bottom).  Then I placed them together (with right sides together if you have a fabric with a “right” side) and sewed along all of the edges except for the bottom, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Then I trimmed off the 3 points…

…then turned it right side out and ironed (not too hot) flat.

Then, I sewed a straight line across the top of the chair cover, right where the triangle shape and the rectangle shape meet.  This will keep the chair cover in place and will stop the cover from sliding down the chair.

Then, I cut a 2.5 inch wide piece of white felt that is the same width ad the bottom of the chair cover, plus a 1/2 inch at each end, for the seam allowance.

Then, I sewed the two ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance then turned it right side out and slipped it on around the bottom edge of the seat cover.  (Place the side seam of the white strip right on top of one of the side seams of the seat cover.)

Then, I matched up the two bottom edges of the white strip and the seat cover and sewed the two layers together, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I sewed another seam along the top edge of the white strip as well.

Then, I cut long strips of the white felt, about a 1/3 inch wide.  Then I cut those long strips up into about 4 inch long pieces.  And I used about 45-50 little strips per pom-pom.  (But don’t worry, cutting up those strips goes fast.  Don’t worry about making them perfect and don’t actually measure each one.  Just eyeball it and start cutting strips.  The measurements are just a guide.)  I also grabbed my upholstery thread to use…..because it’s tougher.  And won’t break as easily when I’m pulling on it.

I wrapped a long piece of the upholstery thread around the middle of my felt strips and pulled tight.  Then wrapped a few more times and knotted it several times.  Then, I fluffed up the pieces and it turned into more of a pom-pom shape.

Now, you can either hand-stitch each pom-pom to the tip of each hat…….or you can hot glue it like me.  I weeded through the felt strips until I was more at the center of the pom-pom and then put a nice sized blob of hot glue in there.  Then I forced the tip deep in there and held for a few seconds.  They are on there nice and tight.

And that’s it.  Your little Santa Hat Seat Covers are ready to be loved!! 🙂

via  makeit-loveit