Today’s scarf idea is all about ‘using what you have’.I was excited to be able to recycle a couple of my old sweaters!I loved the color and textures of these two sweaters, but both of them did not fit quite right on me. As a result, I hardly ever wore them.

So, if you have some old sweaters laying around, don’t get rid of them yet! With a pair of scissors and maybe a quick run through the sewing machine  – you can make cute cowl scarves.

I had this old button Henley sweater way in the back of my closet. To make it into a scarf, all I did was take some scissors and cut across the torso under the arm holes.

I was happy to see that the fabric did not fray, so I cleaned up the cut line and that was it! To wear the cowl, I draped it around my shoulders and left some of the buttons open over my arm. I think it almost looks like a little caplet now.

The turquoise sweater was not quite as simple, but still pretty easy to make.

When I cut that sweater across, the fabric edge was frayed.

To finish the edge, I gently rolled the fabric under itself and sewed a quick hem around the circle.

I don’t know if it was just the fabric OR if I was pulling it too much, but the hem started to form these waves in the sweater as I sewed. I thought that created a pretty effect. (I’m normally not a ‘ruffle’ girl, but a single gentle wave I like)

The material for the sweater was a pretty thin and it was easy enough to sew on my machine. A thicker sweater may be more difficult to sew, but I bet you could still work it the same way.

I’m not sure which sweater I like better… I love the color of the turquoise one, but the style of the brown scarf is so cozy!

via  madiganmade