We always lose the keys and spend time looking for them in a hurry. Here’s a way not to look for them and not to be late everywhere. Make a frame where you could put your keys not to forget them. Such a thing would display all the keys you have.

Things you will need:

  • A frame.  It’s quite easy these days to find neat vintage or upcycled frames at antique stores. You can either find one already upcycled for you, or simply buy a frame from anywhere and paint it to your likings
  • A screw driver with appropriate size screw (the box of screw hooks will tell you which size).
  • Screw hooks.

What to do:

  • Take your frame and plan out where you’d like your hooks to be placed. I decided to use four hooks for my frame.
  • Once decided, drill correct sized holes into the frame.
  • After holes are drilled, screw in each hook, and you’re ready to mount on wall and hang keys!

Yes, it’s that easy!  

via  purplecarrotkc