I’ve been dissecting the unique items that I am using in the master bedroom all week. Today, I want to share the “HIS” nightstand.

I hadn’t intended on doing a tutorial on this so there aren’t any great tutorial photos.  But I got so many nice complements from yall that I thought it’d be good to at least tell you how I put it together.

I bought the barrel already cut in half at Cooper City Antique Mall.

When I flipped the barrel over to attach the casters, I noticed there was a lip.  So I headed over to Home Depot and rummaged their miss-cut section. I got lucky and found some square blocks.

I drilled the blocks on the barrel then drilled the casters on the blocks. I used washers since the caster holes were too big for my screw head. I took a picture of the washers because I had intended on doing a post on what NOT to do. You see, during this entire master bedroom makeover, little things like this slowed down my progress. I already told you about about the nail-in-molding incident with the dresser. Oh, and Sun Kissed Husband throwing my chandelier parts away.  Ok, moving on, moving on. This washer ended up working but I had to place it VERY carefully. If it had moved a hair while I was drilling then it would have fallen in and not do it’s intended job.

Here’s a close up of the casters in place and Cooper inspecting the new rolling thing coming into the house.

I wanted to still be able to store things in a somewhat organized manner (not just thrown into the barrel) so I kept one of the drawers of the previous nightstand and placed it inside.  I gently pushed it down so it would be snug and not wobble.

Sun Kissed Husband uses a CPAP machine. The cut-out intended for a cork worked perfect for the cord and tubing.

I had bought the big clock from Target and it worked for about an hour. I meant to exchange it but didn’t get to it right away and if you’ve ever returned anything at Target, you probably know that they have the worst return policy in the world. (Target, I love shopping at your store but your return policy is not customer friendly AT ALL!)

I have a problem letting things go (especially things I like) so I hung on to it for a while.  Turned out it was the perfect circumference as the barrel.

The cut out for the pendulum works great to be able to turn the CPAP machine on and off.

Before I moved it to the bedroom, I paired it with the loveseat to see how it would look as side table in a living room setting. Nice! As a coffee table would look cool too.

via  3sunkissedboys