We love a good repurpose, and saving stuff from the garbage.  This might be one of our all-time favorites!


  • Clock
  • Old guitar
  • Mod Podge
  • Guitar picks
  • Clue
  • Paint
  • Old cd


Put the clock parts away.

Remove the pick guard and the saddle bridge.

Prime before decoupage in case you miss a tiny little spot.

Decoupage with a music sheet.

Paint the neck of the guitar Crisp Linen White.

Rip an old cd to attach the clock box to and cover up the soundhole.

 Use  a full sheet of the music. Decoupage it, then after it dry, trim  the excess off.

Paint old  guitar picks and the clock hands.

Use a double sticky tape and put two small pieces on the clock works to hold the clock face.

Reattach the hands.  See how perfect this is for the face! Look closely at the words of the song, Only time.

Give a dry fit to make sure it is going to work.

Put the picks on the clock face or on the body of the guitar. It is your choice.

Use a sticky Velcro so that  the clock face can be removed to change the battery.

Glue  the picks.

Voila! An amazing clock, made from a trashed guitar!

The clock keeps great time!

Paint the head black if you want.

Because the clock is attached with velcro, this guitar clock can be displayed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally.

Attach the saddle bridge with glue.

Total cost of this project?  nothing, zero, nada, zilch! 

via  myrepurposedlife